We believe in creativity, sufficiency and hard work so lets help gather a winning team

Services Offered

  • Permanent Placements
  • Temp Assignments
  • Temp to Perm Placements
  • Candidate Searches – Short List Only (Back Ground Checks Included)
  • Pre-Employment Checks – Credit, Criminal and Qualification Varification
  • Investigations and Polygraphs (New and Existing Staff)

Client’s Benefits

We operate in a high performance culture; therefore working together with (PS), you will be part of a winning team in a sociable and energetic environment that is full of high achievers. Be certain that we will be by your side at your services in providing:

    • Tailor-Made Service
    • Fast Global extended researches.
    • Latest Hiring Assessment tools using Criteria Corp for test by positions and using ZAssessments for Psychological Evaluation  for hiring selection.
    • Applicant tracking systems
    • Large pool candidates selecting
    • Affordable Per-Individual placement cost
    • Brand awareness
    • Creativity and Perspective CV’s
    • Skype/Zoom and Criteria Corp Video interview
    • Candidates Seven Star Training  (Free)
    • Added Value / Support Service

You may even find that through hiring international candidates, you are able to branch off into new sectors. Different cultures have different ideas and this can offer a new outlook to your business in-terms of language differences, regardless of countries and places. Hospitality is a globally home…

Let us be part of your success and help you get the next best member of your team

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