Welcome to Prospect Staffing SA (PS)

Specialist Recruitment Agency

We are a registered (PTY) LTD Recruitment Company based in South Africa, Johannesburg. (PS) is the main source of your excitement, which carries the high quality of services for our clients and our candidates with missions in career prospect (Growth) and integrations in (Organizations) within the Hospitality| Human Resources| Hospitals| Mining| Logistics| Information Technology| Banking| Engineering| Retail & FMCG| Automotive| Construction| Telemarketing| Domestic Workers and Child Care industries.

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Client's Benefits

We operate in a high performance culture; therefore working together with (PS), you will be part of a winning team in a sociable and energetic environment that is full of high achievers.

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PS Warmth

Having the important knowledge of human needs and satisfaction, our Hospitality implies warmth, respect and even protection.

(Ps) Freelancing Candidates

Being part of Prospect Staffing SA is all about fun.   It’s a business for determined and driven individuals who want to make a meaningful impact on people’s lives and the world of work.

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Our Candidates

We pride in our unique candidates as they have talents, skills and qualifications with different languages and cultures. We have millions of individuals coming from: Africa & Morocco, United Arab Emirates & Qatar, Greece & Ukraine, India & Indonesia, Philippines & China and Graduates (universities & colleges).

Get Motivated and beat the crisis

Employers don't give up

The crisis has affected the normal business operations, instead of minimizing your team members. Direct all focus on working towards your goal and allot each member of the team a course of action to help make it happen. This in turn will give everyone a sense of control of the whole situation, engendering optimism and boosting their morale.

Candidates don't give up

We understand that it’s a challenging situation but one cannot give in to emotions. Something good comes out of every crisis by making changes.

  • Think growth
  • Fix your CV
  • Fix your social media platforms
  • Keep in touch with your networks
  • Learn more about professional video interviews.





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